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Master Health checkup | Health care, pathology lab- Aarthi Scans And Labs

Aarthi scans and labs are one of the best diagnostic centre providing the best services to the people. Our services include  various blood tests such as TSH blood test, pregnancy blood test and ultrasound scan, CT scan and MRI scan. Additional services such as thyroid function test, radiology test, kidney function tests, cancer screening test, cardiac function and lipid profile is also available.


We offer  various master health check up packages with special offers. Our pathology lab is available 24 hours for the patient’s welfare. We are equipped with a team of experienced and academic radiologist with highly specialized electronic equipments, which provides the patients high quality reports in the same day delivery.


We are glad to inform that we are a certified pathology lab in CT scan and blood test. We are one of the famous health care lab in India offering master health check up with full screening under various tests with accurate and precise report at an affordable price. Various special packages are also available.


Mobile: 7550075500

Email Id: info@aarthiscans.com

Visit Us: https://aarthiscan.com

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Aarthi Scans and Labs | Terms and condition | What is MRI scan

Aarthi scans and labs focus on radiology services such as CT scan and MRI scan. We provide effective MRI scan services with our pool of specialists.

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Aarthi Scans and Labs | CT scan price | CT scan head

We offer efficient scanning services with our latest technology. Visit Our Aarthi scans website to know more about the MRI scan and CT scan price

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Aarthi Scans and Labs- MRI brain | MRI spine | USG Scan

Reach Aarthi scans and labs to get the best MRI scan sevices such as MRI brain, MRI spine and USG scan at lower cost. Book an MRI scan online now.

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Aarthi Scans | Shop | What is CT scan | CT scan side effects

We use latest technology CT scanning equipments for the efficient diagnosis of the diseases. We also provide knowledge about the CT scan side effects.

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Aarthi scans and labs| CT scan meaning, CT scan fullform

Aarthi scans & labs are equipped with a well renowned panel of specialist in providing world class treatments. Get a detailed report about CT scan full form

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Aarthi scans and labs | CT scan vs MRI

Reach our website and get the complete information about CT scan vs MRI. We are specialized in providing high class diagnostic services to our patients

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Aathi Scans and Labs | Offers | Pregnancy ultrasound scan

We provide best offers with affordable price for various health care diagnostic services. Services include MRI scans, CT Scan, pregnancy ultrasound.

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Franchisee| MRI scan price | MRI scan meaning- Aarthi Scans

Aarthi scans and lab is one of the multi specialty diagnostic centers having world class facility to provide special care. Get MRI scan price now.

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Aathi Scans and Labs | My Account | Blood Test | Lab Test

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Aathi Scans and Labs | Check out | CT scan meaning | CT scan head

Aarthi scans are the best diagnostic center equipped with highly skilled specialist blood test, CT scan.We provide complete health checkup at best prices.

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Aathi Scans and Labs- MRI scan brain | MRI scan side effects

Aarthi scans and lab is one of the best diagnostic centers in India in MRI scan brain at affordable cost. Contact now to book your appointments online.

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Current Job Openings at Aarthiscans- CT angiogram | CECT scan

Aarthi scans and labs have specialized team of experienced doctors for a CT angiogram in India. Book the diagnostic test for CT Angiogram, CECT Scan now.

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Aathi Scans and Labs- Ca125 blood test | Pregnancy blood test

Welcome to Aarthi scans and labs, The best diagnostic center in India. We are one of the renowned labs for various blood tests such as Ca125 blood test

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CT scan | MRI scan | Heart CT scan | CT scan abdomen

We are the best Scan Centre in India that offers reliable MRI, CT, Ultrasound, Digital Mammogram and Dental x-Ray services at an economical cost

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Aathi Scans and Labs | Branches | Master Health Checkup in India

Check out our branches , the best Medical Lab located in and around India to get benefited from our efficient Pathology diagnostic Healthcare services.

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